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Voices: Vol. 38, No. 14

Some of the highlights:

HSBC Learns School Funding May Fall Short
OXFORD- Apparently the $44 million dollars set aside for the new high school "will not be sufficient to accomplish it in its entirety." This is due to construction costs rising 10% in this past year and "are expected to rise another 5% per year in the future." This comes after the original $50 million dollar building was shorted of what was voted on by the citizens.
In order to cut costs, the following were proposed and accepted by the High School Building Committee:
  • The track will be left out and bidded on later.
  • 4 classrooms will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The greenhouse will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The football field will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The hockey field will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The tennis courts will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The auxiliary gym will be left out and bidded on later.
  • The transportation lab will be left out and bidded on later.
  • Shrinking the auditorium down to 600 seats.
  • Paving 50% of the parking lot.
    However, school board members objected to this and refused to budge on the "core spaces". Their proposal is as follows:
  • CAD and life skills programmes will be moved to the visiting team locker room space.
  • A faculty room will be gotten rid of.
  • A graphics art room will be gotten rid of.
  • The computer lab will be moved into the media centre.
  • All science labs will be reduced in size.
  • 500 square feet will be added to the auditorium.
  • The greenhouse will be left out and bidded on later.
  • Four classrooms will be left out and bidded on later.
  • All outside sports facilities will be left out and bidded on later.
    The contractor, O&G Industries, basically said: The 4,000 square foot reduction in space will "have a relatively small impact" on the cost of the project.
    The project goes up for bid in October and it is possible that during the slow season for construction, labour/etc will be cheaper.

    Departments Seek More Funds
    OXFORD- The library budget was raised by $15,487, but was about $30,000 less than what they asked for. Funds allocated for part-time employees are $8,000. The books account is at $25,000.
    The Public Works Department asked for funding for a new $135,000 dump truck [You know, the yellow town trucks] and $52,000 for a new salt and sand shed because the current one is corroded. A proposal is also being considered to charge citizens to drop off items containing freon at the recycling centre.

    Car Wash
    OXFORD- The Park and Recreation Commission is having a car wash 0900-1700 on Saturday, 16 April. Proceeds will go toward making a skate park on Great Oak Rd.

    Church Plans Art Auction
    OXFORD- The Great Hill United Methodist Church will have an art auction on Friday, 08 April.

    Brush Fire Extinguished
    OXFORD- Over two dozen fire fighters from Oxford and Southbury put out a 1 acre blaze at Southford Falls. A plane reported it to the airport.

    Board Terminates Car Program[me]
    OXFORD- Town selectmen voted 2-1 to stop allowing cops to bring cars home if they paid a monthly fee. The original plan put in place in October 2003 allowed full-time, local cops with five years experience could take the cars home for a $200 monthly fee. Officers also had to pay maintenance on the vehicle. The goal of this policy was to have the cars maintained better and have officers better able to respond to crimes.
    The objections came after it was realised that 2 of the 3 cops lived out of town and that the cars taken in this programme racked up significant mileage. Instead, the idea is to keep cars available for two shifts. An additional officer is to be added into next year's budget, too. Eventually, the town hopes, it will increase the police force to 16-18 officers [Holy shit! That's a 100-125% increase over our current 8 officers.]

    Blood Drive in Southbury
    SOUTHBURY- The American Red Cross will be having a blood drive at Sacred Heart Church [910 Main Street] on Saturday, 09 April from 0800-1245.

    Random Oxford Trivia:
  • Oxford has had a 2 acre zoning law for two years. Since that time, no new sub-division bids have been placed.
  • Single family homes cost Oxford money, while the 55+ retirement communities do not.
  • The most current book on solar power at the Oxford Library is from 1979.
  • Most of Oxford's police cars have over 65,000 miles on them.
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