Pedicone, Anthony T. (warthog11287) wrote in oxfordct,
Pedicone, Anthony T.

Form: City, State, Zip Code... Hahaha!! City? We don't even qualify as a town...

Name & Age? Antonio Pedicone, 18.
School Status: Senior @ Fairfield Prep. Just accepted to RIT today.
Job description and location: Calabria Deli and Catering in Oxford, less than 1 minute from Seymour.
How long have you lived here? Since 1997. [Essentially, too long]
Favourite things, if any, to do here or in the area? Um, we have a state park and lots of land for paintballing.
Positive/negative aspects of Oxford?
Positives: Houses come with lots of land, second largest town in the state and we have a local airport.
  • The complete absence of anything fun. The most exciting things to do in town are get drunk and/or drag race.
  • No high school.
  • The schools we do have violate state regulations.
  • Non-state roads are crappy unless recently paved by Haynes.
  • Soaring housing prices.
  • Lots of old people.
  • The only minorities are adopted Asian girls.
  • High yuppy count.
  • 8 police cars [grey Ford Crown Victoria P71s] and 1 police SUV [grey Ford Explorer] for 2 full-time cops and 2 part time cops.
  • [Former?] centre of New England cocaine trade. [The old distribution house is less than half a mile from my house]
  • Lots of burgalaries due to distance between neighbours.
  • National chains are: Dunkin' Donuts, Quiznos and Subway, Tommy K's, Texaco [maybe it is a Citgo], Webster Bank.
  • The Post Office is 1/8 of a barber shop and all the mail must be routed through Seymour before it can go anywhere.
  • 2 Gas stations
  • 3 Traffic lights [2 of them completely useless, but Haynes wanted them, so they got them]
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