Gautam (misterhindu) wrote in oxfordct,

Check Me Out

Alright, I'm Oxfordian, and I'm here.


God, I need to get out of this town...
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Nice to see you here... I think we now represent a sizable portion of Oxford.
Yeah, let's see.

You, Dan (Schpack?), Fenn (I think), and me.

Yep, that's about it. Go us.
Yup... Who else can we get? There are a couple other people who have LiveJournal accounts:
  • Ashliegh Smith: Doesn't post in LiveJournal anymore.
  • Lauren Vasallo: Active poster, not sure if she would be interested in joining.

  • what's lauren's username?
    oh neat, who knew. I can get Ash to join, even though she doesn't actually update. I don't know any other Oxford lj's, besides Colleen, and she doesn't use hers at all, really. shows how well I've stayed in touch.
    Holy bouncing Jeebus on a pogo-stick; I almost forgot about all these kids!

    Well, I sometimes talk to Colleen, since she went to my high school, and she only posted in her LiveJournal once, just to tell people that she has a Xanga, so I doubt we're going to have any luck there.

    I know Don Halas casually posts, so I guess I can get around to getting him here.

    ohh, I meant Colleen McEnteer. You're talking about Buckley I assume?

    Don Halas? wow, I'd forgotten about him. amazing!
    That's funny - you forgot about Don Halas, and I completely forgot about McEnteer. That probably means something, so I'll leave it up to you to figure that out.

    Yeah, I was talking about Buckley, but like I said, there's no chance of her coming here, as she likes Xanga too much.
    Probably since Don is one of those I definitely haven't seen since 8th grade graduation, and Callie and I have stayed close. & probably vice versa for you. It's weird ... I've seen a lot of Oxford people who went to different high schools around, but there are those who seem to have just disappeared entirely.
    I don't talk to Lauren, actually... I knew her SN and found the link in her profile. I probably know/keep in touch with fewer Oxford kids than you.
    i'll get ashleigh to join this... never fear
    An Oxfordian? Or is it Oxfordite... Or Oxforder?
    Tim Hanbury
    if we can ever get him to update again!